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Do Your Part to Establish a Fit Community

Do Your Part to Establish a Fit Community

Summertime brings people outside enjoying the sunshine and blue skies. Unfortunately, just because people are outdoors more does not mean they are being active. Many people get in their car, drive to a pool/beach, set out their towel and lie or sit for hours, get back in their car, drive home and sit in their AC while watching the latest episode of their guilty pleasure. This is a day full of inactivity!

For some people it is second nature to be active year ‘round. Others may need a push. How can you help your community participate in healthier activities?

Participate in fit activities in your community

Some people just need a nudge to be more active. Ask your friends, neighbors or co-workers to join you for a jog or walk. Be an activity role model for your peers. Leading by example can be the best remedy for inactivity.

Invite your family and friends to the local park for a day of fun in the sun with games and sports activities that get the heart racing. Think tag, capture the flag, volleyball, water balloon toss and so many others. Parks departments also have great resources for getting involved in intramural sports, health fairs, charity walks/runs and pet-friendly activities.

Join and help promote local fit groups. Many communities already have fitness themed groups or clubs in place such as biking, fun runners, ultimate Frisbee, yoga in the park, etc. If they don’t have a group that suites your interests, create one!

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